My Rude Awakening

by Zachary


So there I was, comfortably hanging out in Mommyís tummy. Everything was going along just fine. Or so I thought.


Mommy went in to her Doctorís appointment Monday morning like every other Monday and Thursday before that. However, this particular Monday, her blood pressure was elevated and they sent her to the hospital to get some blood work done. These tests would determine if Mommyís liver and kidneys were starting to suffer. Unbeknownst to me, Mommy was preeclamptic again (like that concerns me) and people on the outside were making decisions about removing me from my home.


They gave Mommy Pitocin to induce labor and let the medicine work all day in the hopes of coaxing me out. Iím smarter than that though. Even though the contractions were getting stronger, I just dug my heels in and hung on for the ride. Finally, about 7pm their time, the Doctor said something about Mommy not progressing and they were going to do a C-section. Great! The contractions were going to stop and they were going to leave me alone.


Next thing I know, everything is getting brighter and louder. What is going on??? Then this man reaches in and starts tugging on me. I wasnít going to go quietly. I was high up in Mommyís tummy and wasnít going to make this easy on anyone. The Doctor exclaimed a few times about how high I was and that he was having trouble getting me out. Success! Well, not quite. Eventually, the strong Doctor pried me loose and took me out of my safe haven. I repaid the favor by relieving myself as soon as I hit the cold air.


Then there was a flurry of activity as people cleaned me off and suctioned this and that. I was weighed (9lbs 3oz!) and Daddy was there and took some pictures. Mommy was getting fixed up but after I was ready to go, Daddy took me to see her. She couldnít do much more that nuzzle my head. I guess she was kind of sick after all. So, we all got fixed up and went back to the room Mommy was in earlier that day.


Granny, Big Sister and our friend Eugene came to visit but had to wait a little while to see Mommy. Daddy brought me out into the hallway to see them and everyone looked so happy to meet me. And why wouldnít they be. I guess itís not the end of the world be on the outside like this. Itís just different.