My First Halloween

by Zachary


I knew something was up when Mom started dressing me in a cat costume.


Apparently, this was the same costume Karina wore when she was 13 months old (her 2nd Halloween). Mom thought it would be too big on me but I showed her. Iím a big boy!


For the weeks and days preceding this event, Mommy took us to various functions and events to get us in the spirit. We went to parties, we trick-or-treated in a neighboring town square for practice, we even learned about bats and other creepy crawlies at a state park and at a museum. Karina really liked it. I felt a bit funny being paraded around as a kitty cat. Sure I was cute, but I didnít see any other baby boys dressed like me.


So, the big night arrives and Iím once again a cat and Karina of course is Dora. Mom dressed up as a dragon. I was a little nervous having her hold me because I looked like her appetizer. Daddy and some friends went out with Karina and Mommy and I stayed behind to hand out candy. I saw lots of kids all dressed as various, well, things. I didnít see any other cats but I felt better knowing I wasnít the only one dressed ďfunny.Ē


So, Karina et al comes home and shows off her stash. What a haul! Everyone took a piece and started enjoying it. Ahem ahem, I said. But, whereís mine? Look, Iím big enough to fit into Karinaís old costume. Iím sure she ate candy when she wore it. Come on! Sigh. Next year, everyone kept saying. Well, Iím going to make sure I get the most candy next year! And Iím going to pick my own costume!!!