The First Days of Zachary

Freshly born.

First time he held Daddy's finger.

9 pounds, 3 ounces!

Cleaned and diapered up.

Daddy and his baby (and his baby!)

Karina is sooo happy (she gave him the doll).

"Can I kiss him yet?"

His first kiss from Karina.

Mommy finally got to actually hold him (C-Section made it impossible to do earlier).

The standard hospital baby burrito.

Karina "holding" him.

Snuggle time.

Granny and her new grandchild.

Happy happy!

"Now Karina, you have to be very gentle"

Nice closeup.

Big hugs.

Another closeup.

Getting ready to go home.

The trip home was tiring! (Not really, it was a 10 minute drive).

It feels so nice to be back home!