10/3 - 10/22 (NC State Fair)

Hello ladies

Pooh never had a chance

How you doin'?

This is his kind of surprised "oh my" face

Poor Daddy

Karina going down a slide at the NC State Fair

Karina and friend Robbie on a ride

They really liked this ride

Our little cow girl

This was a really big slide with a couple bumps

Here come the men

Karina and friend Kaylee on a carousel

Zach doesn't look convinced

Karina on a horsie

On a roller coaster

This child has no fear

Zach loved this ride

The kids enjoy a cool treat, Josh poses

Oh, it was so hot that day

We gave him a "wolverine" hairdo

Josh actually went on this ride. Yes, he is insane.

Karina got a private tour of a fire truck after befriending the firemen

The kids play with Reagan, Danielle's dog