7/13 - 7/14 (Wally and Jan's wedding)

The kids had a lot of fun running up and down the ramp during the rehearsal

The Adams men practice

Grandfather Adams gives a toast at the rehearsal dinner

Weldon's birthday cake (not sure what's going on with the waiter)

Silhouettes of Weldon and his women (Hannah, Charlotte and Karina)

Cousins Erin and Bill

Cousins Betsy and Chris

Uncle Geoff, I know I'm cute but you're embarrassing me.

A groomsman and flower girl share a moment

Chris gets ready to perform the ceremony

Jan and her son finish getting ready

Jan's daughter Brigette with the 3 flower girls

The Adams men again

Jan and Wally tie the knot!

She looks like trouble!

The receiving line (with GG Olive in the foreground)