032606_032606 (Zach's 1st Birthday)

Zach watches as Karina unwraps his presents

Zach lays claim as Karina unwraps her present

It's got a caterpillar and everything!

Karina models her presents

Karina thanking Jan for the presents

How' you doin'?

The family gathers for food

I'm SO the person of honor

Josh points out the 'little poppers' (caviar)

Karina helps light Zach's cake

What's all this fuss about?

The Adams Men

So....close....to swinging from the chandelier

It's fun to try and pull Daddy's hair

Check out the dimples!

Time for more presents!

A Dora pillow!

Yey! A box full of more friends!

Zach and the American Pika stare each other down