Christmas 2005 Letter




Hello and happy holidays to you all! In lieu of the last quarterly letter of ’05 from the kids, we’re sending our Christmas letter out a little early this year. We have had yet another busy year and can’t wait to share all our news.


As you all probably know by now, we’ve taken up residence in North Carolina. We’ve enjoyed our first year back as “easterners” and have experienced out first hot summer and have now started feeling our first cold winter. Good thing this house has both heat and AC!


Well, starting with the youngest, Zachary Ryan was born earlier than expected on March 28. Granny and Grampa Cecil along with Uncle Mark and Eugene came to NC to celebrate Easter. After Granny’s delicious Easter dinner, Mark and Grampa drove back to MD. The next day Stacy went for a doctor’s appointment and ended up being induced. Zach was born by C-section later that evening. He was a healthy 9 pounds 3 ounces and since then has always been a “big” boy. He never became colicky like his sister was and has been a generally happy baby. So far he has sprouted 7 teeth and is an expert crawler. His new attempt lately is pulling up on anything he can find and “tasting” all he sees. Now that’s he’s a “cruiser,” we have to make sure everything waist-high is safe to gum.


Next comes Karina and she’s had a good year as well. She has been good with Zach and helps us keep an eye on him. She usually lets us know when he’s on the move (and heading towards her stuff – which encompasses everything in the house!). She attends a preschool two mornings a week at Language Tots and loves it. She learns a little Spanish and a little French and even some Yoga. Granny and Mommy attended a Thanksgiving program at the school where all the kids in Karina’s class sang some songs and then ate a mini Thanksgiving feast together. It was all very cute. She is completely potty-trained, is starting to write, and can count to 39. Mommy and Daddy work a lot with her as she is an inquisitive child and wonders “how to do this” or “what comes next?”


Stacy is still adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom. Who knew not working would be so much work? Most days it takes all her energy just to keep up with the kids and have a smile on her face! She has been meeting lots of new friends (mostly moms and their kids). Stacy and the kids stay busy going to story-time at the library or Barnes & Noble, and playing outside and in. Stacy also finds events for the family to do on the weekends so there’s usually something going on every day. She’s gotta stay busy!


Josh is enjoying his new company, Epic Games, and the people he works with. He is still making games, basically doing the same line of work as he was doing at Secret Level. He is mainly working on the Playstation 3 implementation of the Unreal Engine. Josh (usually) enjoys working on the new platform and taking on the exciting challenges offered. He plans to talk at the PS3 Developers Conference in January to share the lessons learned from the last 6 months of work.


Stacy and Josh have both been able to see their families quite a few times this year. Living so close to MD is nice because either family comes to visit or Stacy and Josh visit relatives in MD or FL. Some notable family excursions were the baptism of Zachary in May (MD), Great-Granny (GG) Olive’s 90th birthday in August (FL) and Thanksgiving with Cecil’s, Adams, Uncle Geoff and Aunt Mary, Mary’s parents and Friends Eugene and Sun (MD). Friends and relatives also came to town for welcomed visits. Granny and Grampa (especially Granny), Steph and Mark have visited several times. Aunt Mary and Uncle Geoff came to visit the weekend Stacy and Zach came home from the hospital in April. Grandfather Adams stopped by on his way to Thanksgiving in Florida. Sunni and Greg, friends from CA, came out for a weekend. Friends Eugene and Danielle have both visited several times much to the enjoyment of Karina (as well as Josh and Stacy). Josh’s friend from high school, Ted also was able to swing by. In a slight break from tradition, Stacy, Josh, Karina and Zach will be celebrating Christmas in NC with the Cecils coming to town. It’s so nice being able to see family and friends more regularly. We should have moved east long ago!


We hope your 2005 has been as rewarding as ours and your holidays are safe and happy. May your 2006 be even more enjoyable!