Kidís Kwarterly!

(as told by Karina)

March 2006





Hello everyone! I canít believe weíve been southerners for over a year now. Itís been nice out here. Weíve had an unusually warm winter this year but itís been getting a lot colder lately. Iím glad. Iíve got some Dora snow boots that are just sitting in the closet looking cute. I canít wait to actually use them.


Baby Zach is continuing to grow. Heís incredibly big for his age and everyone thinks he looks 1 year to 18 months old! Silly people! He tends to be a happy baby which is good cause who wants to put up with a crier? Certainly not me. He crawls around all over the place and pulls up on anything he can. Sometimes I chase him and he gets all excited and slips while crawling. We laugh. Baby Zach laughs too. He likes being chased. He also likes to climb up stairs but Mommy and Daddy donít let him do it that often. Weíve had something blocking the stairs for a while now but heís recently learned to pull himself up on it and crawl over so he can get to the stairs. Not bad, Little Grasshopper.


School is going along well. Iím signed up for the fall also. Itíll be a 4-year old program so Iíll go every day. Itíll only be the mornings, but every day. Iím so excited. But for now, Iím enjoying my days off of school. I like to play dress-up, go to story-times, play Dora video games and watch some TV.


We had so much fun having family and friends come over for Christmas. Granny, Grampa and Uncle Mark spent Christmas here. After they left, Aunt Mary and Uncle Geoff came for a few days and we got to have Christmas again! Then, they left and Daddyís friend Ted, his wife Katie and son Adam came for New Yearís. It was fun playing with Adam. Our friend Danielle also visited and stayed for a little while. Then Uncle Mark came for a long weekend. It was great having so many visitors!


Near the end of January, Daddy had to go to a conference in San Jose so Mommy, Baby Zach and I decided to tag along. We got to go back to California and see friends and familiar places! There were lots of changes but I was able to recognize most of the places we went to. And I got to go to the zoo! Iíve missed seeing the animals. We had a large group of friends meet at the zoo and wander around. It was so much fun.


Well, not much else is new I guess besides getting ready for Mommyís birthday and Zachís birthday party. Visit our site at: It has the California pictures on it. I hope you are all doing well and that you miss me. I miss all of you. Keep in touch!


Love to you all,

Karina (and Zach) Adams

422 Wayfield Lane, Apex, NC 27539,