Family Tree



GG Olive – Josh’s grandmother (living in FL)


Wally and Jan – Josh’s dad and stepmom (living in VA)


Weldon and Roberta – Josh’s aunt and uncle (living in OH)

Chris and Betsy – Josh’s cousin (living in OH)

Erin and Bill – Josh’s cousin (living in OH)


Wayne and Ada – Josh’s aunt and uncle (living in FL)

Jessica and Todd (and Baylan) – Josh’s cousin (living in Doha)

Jason – Josh’s cousin (living in FL)


Geoff and Mary – Josh’s brother (living in MD)


Maryellen and Tom Morris– Josh’s mom and stepdad (living in MD)



Susan and Bob – Stacy’s mom and dad (living in MD)

            Stephanie – Stacy’s sister (living in MD)

Mark – Stacy’s brother (living in MD)


Mary and Jeff Hare – Stacy’s aunt and uncle (living in SC)

Alex and Nico – Mary’s granddaughters, Stacy’s 2nd (?) cousins (living in SC)


Matt – Stacy’s uncle (living in FL)

GG – (Great-Granny) Stacy’s grandmother (living in FL)


Sally and Nicolas (Stacy’s aunt and uncle (living in FL)

Aaron - Stacy’s cousin (living in FL)


(Jackie) and Jaye – Stacy’s aunt (living in FL)

Jayme – Stacy’s cousin (living in FL)


Joan and Tom Hatcher – Stacy’s aunt and uncle (living in TX)

Annie and Drew – Stacy’s cousin (living in TX)

            Brittany and Brooke – Annie’s kids, Stacy’s 2nd (?) cousins (living in TX)


            Sue and Bill Graham – Susan’s aunt and uncle, Stacy’s great-aunt/uncle (living in TX)

            Donna and Rodney Elliott – Sue and Bill’s daughter, Stacy’s 2nd (?) cousin (living in GA)


Rob and Marilyn Thomas – Stacy’s uncle (living in AL)


Amber and Len Reeves – Stacy’s cousin (living in SC)

            Douglas – Amber’s son, Stacy’s 2nd (?) cousin (living in SC)


            JC Thomas and Tricia – Stacy’s cousin (living in CA)


            Kristin and Brian Barrett – Stacy’s cousin (living in AL)


Extended family


            Eugene Kim – Karina’s godfather, Stacy’s friend from Theravance (going to Med school in PA)


            Sunni and Greg – Zach’s godparents, friends from Secret level (living in CA)


            Halima Thorsen – Zach’s godmother, Stacy’s friend from high school (living in CA)